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Furman University Student Activities Board

We are the Furman University Student Activities Board.

Made up of 55 crazy Furman students, we concoct fun, entertaining, inspirational, zainy, and unique events for the student body. We spend our time hanging out in our office, eating candy, and hatching up new programming ideas for the student body. Each year we aim to bring a variety of events includin concerts, carnivals, comedians, and off campus trips. In the past we've brough events featuring Drake, Recycled Percussion, Girl Talk, Zach Galifinakis, Chef Robert Irvine, Cornel West, along with the annual Homecoming carnival, and last day of class celebration.

FUSAB is made up of four committees:


Annual Events



What is FUSAB?

Overall, FUSAB provides opportunities for

students to gain experience in:

•Programming events, both large and small-scale

•Publicity and marketing

•Logistical problem-solving

•Brainstorming and group work

•Booking vendors

•Working with artists and management companies

•Budgeting a large account

•Communicating with businesses and organizations

•Organizational and managerial skills

•Dropping it like its hot in the office

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