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The Committees

The Entertainment Committee programs at least one large-scale concert each year or a variety of smaller-scale concerts each semester. The committee also plans movies, multimedia events, and performance-related acts, such as comedians, acrobats, and fire-breathers. Members have the opportunity to learn about concert production processes, booking with agents, and day-of-show procedures.

The Special Committee programs events that are unique and are not congruent to the types of events programmed through other committees. Most events include, but not limited to the following: comedians, speakers, dances, cultural events, etc. Members learn about booking vendors, working with small acts, booking performance artists, and organizing both small-scale and large-scale events of varying themes.

The Annual Events Committee programs activities and events throughout the week and weekend of homecoming (including a carnival and dance) and spearheads the programming of an annual winter and spring event. This committee is most famous for planning the epic-ness of the Last Day of Classes (LDOC) every year. Members will gain experience planning large-scale events that typically fall under a theme and booking vendors.

The Off-Campus (OC) Committee programs all planned off-campus trips for students, either gratuitous or at discounted prices. The committee often provides tickets (often raffled) for students for concerts, musicals, plays, sports events, apple picking, etc. Members program trips according to available venues or events scheduled in Greenville and surrounding cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Charleston. Experience is gained booking tickets and communicating with outside sources, vendors, booking agents, and businesses.

All committees promote the co-sponsorship with other student groups on campus, excluding those affiliated with Greek life. Please feel free to contact a FUSABer to plan your next event if you need help bringing your ideas to life!

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